Monday, January 17, 2005

Carlsbad Triathlon

Today (well, at 7:30 am on Sunday) was the Carlsbad Triathlon. I have not run very much at all (a couple times) since Dec. 17 when I got the flu. Nevertheless I had paid, and felt well enough to do it. It turned out alright. I'm still a slow runner, but improving - even after three weeks off, two with the flu. Took my last antibiotics on Saturday, and I've felt mostly good - although weak - since Tueday.

I felt winded early. My heart rate was at 174 on the first little hill..and I was going real slow. I was afraid that if things didn't improve I'd have to stop. But then I started feeling better, and it got easier as the race went on, surprisingly. The bigggest problem I had was that my legs were sore (calfs, hamstrings) most of the time. Anyhow, my last mile was the fastest, and in general the splits were overall negative, which is a first. Also, I ran this "training race" 5 minutes faster than the AFC half in August.


@3 miles 27:31 HR 154

4th mile 9:08 HR 153

5th mile 9:23 HR 158

6th mile 9:01 HR 158

7th mile 9:44 HR 159

8th mile 9:07 HR 158

9th mile 8:48 HR 163

10th mile 9:02 HR 165

11th mile 9:05 HR 167

12th mile 9:03 HR 172

Last mile 8:13 HR 176

I was never really going "all out", but neverthless, my HR went to 185 during the last mile of the race briefly.

The rest of last weeks workouts were:

Friday: Triathlon training was a warmup (it was COLD) ride to Fairbanks and then a short time trial up the hill in Santa Luz. I did the ride up Santa Luz in 11:15 and was quite tired. We rode from about the bottom of the hill (500' after the stop sign) to the flat part at the top of the hill at a turn-out road on the right side. My heart/lungs were much more winded than my legs (but they were tired too).

Wednesday: Easy 45 min run from the hotel to the San Jose State track. about 5 miles.

Tuesday: I was at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose. i did the 1.5 hours on the exercise bike, including 6 accellerations. HR was over 170 during the accellerations.


Anonymous said...

Good work mark. Glad you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

good work. You need to get much faster.