Sunday, March 20, 2005

Ralph's 2005 1/2 IM

Results - Preliminary

what's my problem??

I thought I'd do much, much better this year. Instead, I barely beat last year's time. sure, the weather was bad but that was not such a big deal. I did this race rather poorly, particularly considering I'd trained a lot more, I weighed about 5 lbs. less, etc.


Why: did I do the swim 4 min slower than last year? I felt fine during and did not try to go that hard. I suppose lack of effort was a contributing factor, I've not really spent the time to really work hard on the swim and improve my form...but GOOD GOD! My time (49 min) sucks! To contribute the to the problem, I forgot the "bodyglide" chafe guard. About half way through my neck reminded me I'd forgotten it. I was afraid to push had as I thought I'd be way to tired if I did that and focused on really conserving energy. I need to work on hard, fast swimming so that "easy" effort is much faster.

When I glanced at my watch as I got out of the water - and saw UGH 50 min..I freaked out and instantly became very depressed. Inasmuch as mine was the very last wave of the day I'd noticed the safety squad circling behind us stragglers. My bike was literally about the last one in the entire transition area of 1880 bikes! to add insult to injury, I heard the announcer saying "...well folks, there's only a couple of swimmers left in the

Also, I was so confused in the transition I think I took about 7-8 minutes just to take off my wetsuit and put on my bike stuff. the comic part of this little show was the minute or so I took to put on my arm warmers over my wet arms. Two movies of the pros doing their transition:

First group movie

Second group movie

why: was the bike so slow too?? It felt faster than 3:30. My HR average was 146. I suppose I could partially blame the weather on this one. I think three people passed me on the bike. I passed about a hundred people during the bike. While I saw lots of people with equipment problems, had no problems. I took the hills very slowly to try to conserve energy for the run. I thin my average pace was about 18 mph, but I'll have to check. I'm not that unhappy with my bike performance, but once again it seemed to take a lot out of me. It was really raining hard during the end of the bike course for me. I felt great as I kept passing people really fast - of course they were really slow - but no matter. The Marines in the course were very inspiring too.

During T2, I decided to do as fast a transition as I could. I simply put on my running shoes and started to run. Mistake. I was running with a tight "Dos XX" bike jersey, a tight warm undershirt and armwarmers. At least I took the long-fingered gloves off. No sooner had I left the transition area then my arms got hot and I stuffed the wamers in the bike shirt where they remained the rest of the run.

The run was, in a word, horrible. I noticed right away that I was going very slowly and I was powerless to do much more. My mile splits were almost exactly all the same: 10:45 with a HR of 150. I was in a slow running trance. the first lap I was being passed almost continuously. Young people, older athletes, thin, fat, short, tall..they all seemed to be whizzing past while I was in a lethargic plod. Most of those people were doing their second lap. by my second lap I was still plodding, but nobody was left to pass me.

All in all I was extremely disappointed. I was out there for 6:49, a scant 5 min faster than last year. I feel very tired and sore today. I just don't get it.

time:6:49:35 199/247 in category M40-44
swim: 50:28 2:32/100M T1= 7:58
Bike: 3:26:16 16.3 MPH average T2=5:04
Run: 2:19:51 10:41 min/mile average

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