Sunday, April 17, 2005

Wed - Sunday workouts

Wednesday 13 April

Swim (masters - 3000)- did the masters class. Was mostly easy, I still get quickly tired doing both the fly and backstroke. Since I have not been doing master much, I've been doing mostly freestyle on my own. I'll plan on always planning on the masters class.

run (1:15 tempo)- in the afternoon did the specific run. I'm using the timex bodylink with GPS meter so I've been getting better at running exactly the right pace. This workout was not tiring today.

Thursday 14 April 2005

Biking (2H with specific) - this was hard. was tired in the morning...did the hills at TP grade.

Running (35 min) this was not too easy, I felt tired today.

Friday 15 April 2005 (tax day)


Felt tired on this one. Workout was running. Warmup to track at top of hill, then: 1 mile (7:00) 1200, 800 and 400. don't remember the times I did, but I ran them mostly hard.

Saturday 16 April 2005

105 mile bike ride. (6:30 hours) I did not sleep well the evening before and was really tired in the morning. I ran out of energy about 3 hours into the ride and had not brought enough gels/food. After eating I felt mostly better the rest of the ride. My average HR was 141, the average speed was 15.4 mph on my odometer. I slept well on Saturday night.

Sunday 17 April 2005

Swim (2000 - 45 min) - did 200 warm up and then 8 x 300 with the first have pull/paddles and the last half regular freestyle.

Run (2 Hours) - I did an extra 1/2 hour since I neglected to run after the bike on Saturday. this two hour run was easy - never felt too tired.

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