Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sunday double mini-brick

I used the Timex GPS system to log the speeds/distances during this workout


Bike#1: 13.8 miles @17.7 mph (46:40) average HR 155

unfortunately, I crashed hard going around a corner. My first crash in years..was not too bad, but my face bounced off the pavement and I got some decent road rash...this happend about 1 mile into the ride...I was able to complete the workout...

Run#1: 2.015 miles, 18:36 (9:15/mile) aveage HR 152

Bike#2: 13.8 miles 45:17 HR 147

Run#2: 2.015 miles, 17:30 (8:40/mile) average HR 164

the average HR does not reflect the peak of 178 on the way back up the hill.

both the run and bike courses were a bit hilly, but no major climbes. i was quite glad to be completed with this workout.

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