Sunday, October 02, 2005

last week in sept, Mission bay triathlon

Sunday 2 October 2005

Well, let's begin with today's triathlon: Jamba Juice Mission Bay Sprint
500M swim, 15 km bike, 5 km run

my results:

1:11:16 overall (3:30 faster than last year, 15 min faster than two years ago)

Swim - 13:23...can that be right?

that's sooo slow...a minute slower than last year. I was far too relaxed when I got out of the water - no fatigue whatsoever. I was behind a group of guys at the beginning that was really slow and by the time I got around them I was in a sort of slow rhythm. I picked it up near the end, but was never breathing hard.

T1: 4:23 I'll never put a shirt on again during the transition. way too slow. I need to work on getting the wetsuit off faster too. I could pull 2 min off of this time.

bike: 26:24 (21.3 mph average) I was happy with the bike. after the slow swim, and as we had started after the W35-39 group, I was passed by nobody on the bike. my HR was aroudn 165 most of the bike. I tried to push my pace up past 20 MPH whenever it slipped.

T2 - 2:02 - but it was really faster than that. The only problem I had was that some idiot had a mountain bike that would not stay up in the rack and every time I went to the transition area it had knocked my bike over (and his). great.

Run: 25:02 (8 min/mile). not too bad. I really think I could have pushed a bit more during the run as my HR was never over 170. But it was never under 162 (90% HR) either.

Overall I was satisfied. I was 3 minutes faster than last year. Next year I hope to be closer to 1:05. I'm thinking of breaking 1 hour quite yet.

Saturday Workout 1 Oct 2005

20 mile bike follwed by 20 min run:

total time 1:40 - very easy

Friday 30 Sept - Rest

Thursday 29 Sept Bike

Did 12 mile warm up, 2 x 6 mile fast, 12 mile cool down.

the second 6 mile was harder than I thought, but otherwise I felt good during the workout

Wednesday 28 Sept 2005


tuesday 27 September 2005

AM: 2200 Y Swiming - not too hard. Debbie worked with me on form during my scheduled workout.

PM: 45 min run down Palomar Airport Road nice and easy...

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