Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Marathon epilogue and updates

Well, I woke up on Monday with an INCREDIBLY sore right Achilles tendon! strange as this has NEVER bothered me before. I'm being quite gentle with this: icing it, not running, walking slowly, taking ibuprofen, etc.

Also - I must credit Carles Civit's training plan with my recent performance increases. As with the bike years ago, he forced me to go hard and there is simply no substitute for really hard workouts. He did them with me to his own detriment and is now facing surgery himself! Some people have indicated to me that they schedule he gives me is too hard. I disagree. It is only when I follow it that I make real observable gains....

this week:

Monday - 1500Y swim as 300 warm-up, 3 x 300 pull, 300 swim.

Tuesday - 30 min bike at the gym, upper body weight workout