Sunday, August 02, 2009

Weekly wrap - 2 August 2009

(to the left is a shot of the cove in La Jolla on Friday just prior to the swim...great day)

OK - I'm tired. but I'm still going to swim 4000 tomorrow (2 x 2000) and run 18 miles.

Sunday 2 August 2009 - bike 50 miles, 16 x 400m intervals

this was sort of hard, but not a killer. I did the Elfin 50 miles in 2:45 alone. that's a fast time for me alone, well, that's fast I'm happy with it. I tried to keep it easy and did that most of the ride. A female rider had to show me how fast she was coming into del mar after I passed her (why do people do that?) and I sped up a bit...but then slowed down significantly and finished in 2:45. I drank 2 full bottles of Infinit and that was enough for the ride, but I was still hungry when I finished. I started at 11:30 am and had only had a bowel of lean crunch so far.

I rode up to Torrey Pines (another 15 min) after a 20 min break to get some food. I drank an FRS drink, water, Acai punch and had 2 gels. during the break.

I ran 1 400m warmup and did the 16 400s as follows:

#1 - 90 seconds/52 recovery
#2 - 88 seconds/55 recovery
#3 - 91 seconds/75 recovery
#4 - 92 seconds/76 recovery
#5 - 91 seconds/77 recovery
#6 - 90 seconds/72 recovery
#7 - 87 seconds/82 recovery
#8 - 93 seconds/78 recovery
#9 - 90 seconds/74 recovery
#10 - 88 seconds/80 recovery (HR hit 175 at this max)
#11 - 89 seconds/77 recovery
#12 - 91 seconds/74 recovery
#13 - 99 seconds/77 recovery (getting tired and sore quickly - right Hamstring painful)
#14 - 99 seconds/102 recover
#15 - 98 seconds/101 recovery
#16 - 99 seconds

I was getting really sore and scared of hurting the hamstring. Once that happened I slowed down (#13) and decided not to complete the 20. I was not really super tired though, despite the high HR.

Saturday 1 August 2009 - 60 mile bike ride

I was going to do 112 and the intervals, but family and mechanical problems conspired against me. I had to stay in the morning and did not get out until after noon. I rode through Ramona up scripps parkway and was going to head up the coast after going through Elfin to complete the long a flat on Milky Way road and HAD NOT REPLACED MY CO2 nozzle...agghhh! I was stuck for about an hour and got a ride to a Big 5 where I purchased a pump for $30 and inflated my rear tire. I then rode home and took a nap. bad day.

Friday 31 July - Cove Swim

Andi and I swam the cove at lunchtime. It was beautiful, but choppy. We took a full 1:20 to swim the 2 miles across the cove and back.