Sunday, July 03, 2011

Riding harder, Running a challenge


am: 8 mile easy with 6 x 50 minaccelerations +  50 m walk
pm: 2500 yard swim

Actual:57 mile bike in 3:17, 2481 cal, average HR 136, peak, 165
Most of this week was scheduled to be running, but alas, every time I tried i've been stymied with the sore left calf.  Carles gave it a good working over on Friday, and we'll see today how it feels.  Mike C (the doctor) thought I should skip running until it's feeling better.

Yesterday was a bike ride (Harmony Grove)  that began early and easy, and ended 45 min later than I thought we had finished while riding into RSF when we (david Mandel and me) came accross Andi, the capozza boys and..Marci.  What good luck! Andi said "we just did Elfin too...we're doing Zimmer canyon and then back".  Ok said I - but what is "zimmer canyon"??  She was not able to describe it.  Turns out "Zimmer Canyon" is actually the beautiful, but very hilly, Zumaque Street which turns into Artesian road and brings you back on Camino Del Sur.   Don't know who this "Zimmer" fellow is.