Monday, October 15, 2012

Fatigue set it

26 weeks until BAA

184 lbs. 

After running just a little bit yesterday, I did 30 min of EFX training today.  The whooping cough pops up a couple times a day now, but is mostly gone after 8 weeks.  I ran for the first time on 10/11, again on Saturday the 13th and then again yesterday.  I'll "ramp" up to 10 hours a week of training over the next three weeks and hold steady there for the following three weeks.   going to to a total fitness month for the next 30 days and see what happens to my weights.  I'm hoping to get it back down to 175 in 30 days (9 lbs) and if I can push that down to the low 170s through Thanksgiving I'll be on track to ramp the last 5-6 weeks at 12 hours/week or more (of running) by the holidays.

Tracking on nike+

Here's yesterday: