Tuesday, October 23, 2012

return of atiral flutter


After a week of progress, a slip backwards.  Just when I was feeling better I went through another of my nighttime/morning coughing spells that are extraordinary "whooping cough" spells.  This time, however, my heart went into flutter and I noticed this two nights ago and have remained there ever since.  I've taken Bystolic for two days, and cumaden today, and aspirin.  Nothing has slowed my heart down.  Its again bouncing back and forth between 75 and 125.

I just did 30 min on the traniner, and it was bouncing up to 170 and down to 135 the whole time. I was not going all that hard.  I went super hard for 3-4 minutes and my heart went DOWN to 145 and remained there, until I slowed down. Then it went back UP to 160.   Feels like when there is real physical stress the sinus rhythm dominated - but otherwise the flutter rhythm dominated. See what happens in the next 24 hours.