Sunday, October 20, 2013

Training Recap - Oct 6 2013 - Oct 20 2013

Summary: Feeling stronger/faster. Running mostly well and mostly injury free.  I've been paying a lot more attention to eating sufficient carbs prior to longer/weekend runs and I think that's helping.  I've concluded (surprise) that the Paleo/Caveman diet and running hard don't really mix all that well.   Perhaps this running diet (from Mark's Daily Apple)  for marathon training is a bit better.  

While the intensity  and distance of long runs is up, the mid-week recovery runs I do however I feel.  As a result, doing tempo runs at a 6:40 pace and one crazy long run at 7:06/mile mixed with 9:00 or so daily runs for recovery

Injuries:  I'm doing daily icing, often twice, for the left tendon. My left knee has also been bugging me for the last two weeks.  It has not slowed me down or had an impact on my training - yet - but i'm icing it too now just the same when I'm icing the left tendon.  The knee hurts right in the middle as if it's just behind my kneecap.  It's just a twinge of feeling - not all that painful, but troubling.

Weight: I'm stable around 174 or so.  I'm feeling very fat at the moment, even weighing 174 this morning and running 6 miles today.  I'm hoping the next 30 days brings weight loss, but, I'm focusing only on speed training for this period, not weight loss.

Stretching: I'm focusing on stretching many times a day formally and informally.  I'm also doing the TP therapy when I have time, the eccentric heel drops and of course the deep tissue massages from Carles every Friday afternoon.


This past week has been consistent. I've run daily and  totaled just over 80 miles this week, which is on the high side again.  This week was more than just lots of miles, as I had a two really good days: a tempo run at 6:43/mile for 7 miles at mission bay, and a 23 mile long run yesterday - also at mission bay.

Long run:

I did a bit of carbo loading starting after the temp run on Thursday.  Slept well both Thursday and Friday.  Frankly I was tired going into this run and tried to slow down Jim and Patrick.  We started around 7:40/mile and I ended closer to 8:30/mile and averaged 8:06. I did not take any food or energy liquids, just drinking fountains during the run.  I probably could have used some more water, but felt good at the end.

Tempo Run

I did an 8:30/mile 5 mile warmup from the fabulous Visitors Center bathroom at Mission Bay.  I did not feel fast this day either, and was worried about the speed of the tempo.  I opted to just run until I hit the boardwalk and then run the 7 miles back to mission bay quickly.  Which worked, sort of. I started out fast and then settled into a too slow pace, then picked it back up again.  The first mile was 6:26 and the third mile was 7:09, but the average was 6:43.  I'm not quite dialed on my pace yet - clearly. I ran the last mile at 6:25 and was clearly dipping into the red zone at a heart rate of 166.

Week of 10/7 - 10/13

This week had its ups and downs. Suffice to say that it was a fast week and I felt it the following week (above).  The prior Saturday the 6th I ran a bit fast with Bobby Caughy up/down the coast and was tired through 800M intervals on Tuesday and mostly tried to make it through the rest of the week. Then on Saturday - BOOM - ran around the RNR course 16 miles in San Diego - again with Bobby - and again too fast, this time at 7:07/mile average that included 4 sub 7 min miles in the middle.  Way too fast for a long run.