Sunday, November 17, 2013

Month long treadmill experiment coming to a close

In 1988 I tried a month long "total fitness" experiment. The idea was to jump start my fitness in my late 20s by eating no sugar, no coffee, no alcohol and keep my intake to 1700 calories/day.  It worked and I quickly got back to where I wanted to be with my training.  What I recall about that was that it was not all that hard to do.  I meant to make that an annual ritual, but life got in the way and the next year I was married and living on the other side of the country...and the second phase of my life was underway.

After the disappointments of the last 5 years (which followed the preceding several disappointing, albeit initial promising years) - and - the particularly odd and untimely injuries I suffered this year, I opted to try something different in my training.While the food poisoning of the 2013 Boston Marathon (no bombing for sure, but mighty painful to me) an the pulled right tendon of the RNR San Diego Marathon were both firsts, i'm undaunted with the quest for a sub 3:00 marathon and a top 10 AG finish.

With the sore tendon and other issues, I opted to run for a solid four weeks indoors on a treadmill to avoid pavement and hills completely.  I also opted for the minimal sugar, no alcohol..."clean living" diet and maximal sleep.  I've got another couple days and i'll be done.  In the past four weeks I've run more than I have in any other 4 week period in my life: 300 miles. I've run more hard miles than I have since I was in my early 20s - and while they are not as fast, they have been consistent and planned/structured.

the CIM is in exactly three weeks from today.  My plan is to run it at a 7:05 pace for a 3:05 marathon.  Two years ago with far less training I was on a 3:07 pace on this very marathon through 18 miles, but did not have the endurance to complete it. I"ve done so many more miles in prep for this that should not be an issue, I only worry about being "fresh" enough and will really relax during the taper.

The last hard workout - yesterday - was 1 mile warmup, followed by 18 miles @ 7:20/mile.  As always, it was hard on the treadmill during the first 3 miles at speed.  This is a treadmill phenomenon that I don't see out on the road.  By the second half of the 18, I was feeling fine and just the normal treadmill boredom I've come to know.  I sped up the last few miles to under 7 min pace and it was not all that hard, but my heart rate did drift up to 150+ at that point, and hit 162 at a mile under 7 min.

Nearly ready for Sacramento.