Monday, March 10, 2014

Recovery Day after SD Half Crash

Plan: 6.2 mile trail
Actual: 6.2 mile trail
Conditions: warm (75+) sunny day.  Ran at noon, alone.  a couple other lunch runners on the trail, but not too crowded
Morning weight/sleep/nutrition: 168.4/8.1, 7 hours solid sleep, had a parfait for breakfast at 8:30
Pre-Stretching today: Used the TP Roller this morning when I woke up, but nothing more.

How it felt: mostly strong.  I kept my eyes off the watch today and tried to feel the run as it was unfolding. During the 1 mile downhill "warmup" I was feeling good.  The HR never went much over 135 the whole run.  Ran it just under 9 min/mile and was never tired or sore.  I could feel some very minor tenderness in my left tendon after about 1/2 mile, and through most of the run.  barely felt it.