Saturday, May 07, 2016

Recovery Week

Week after OC - mostly recovery Weekly Check in: Felt very sore on Monday after the race. My right hamstring was (and is on Saturday) still sore, but it's mild. Seemed to creep up to my right glut during the run today.  This was despite the fact that I was able to do quite a bit of swiss ball hamstring exercises this week and other leg stretching - but still not enough

Weekly weight/sleep: I've been sleeping on average 5.5 hours/night this week.  Had a good long nap yesterday and today as I was really exhausted.  Have not felt all that great this week either from a workout standpoint.  The weather was not great and I spent some time in gym 
  • Weight:  Still right at 162-164 most of the week. 
Today's Run: Did the 18.5 mile run below. We did basically two loops of the 8 mile mission bay classic, but added some miles through Morena Blvd. on the first loop. I ran strong the first loop, but began to lose it right at the end.  The second loop was a struggle and I had to let Jessica go so she could stick with the plan and do marathon pacing for the last 4-5 miles.  My right hamstring was sore the entire time. other than that, ok.

Conditions:   cool - it was supposed to rain hard but we managed to avoid that. The Ojai (Mtn to beach) crew did 22.4 miles today and that was terrific.

How it felt: Harder than expected.  Still not recovered yet