Friday, January 21, 2005

Intervals: track and pool

Another TRI training day, this time with good weather. After yesterday's weights, 7:30 pace running and swim class I was a bit tired, well, sore really - in my calfs and quads. There was a good turnout in the class: Jay, Linnea, Karrin, Gina, Steve, Jenny and me. We went to the track and ran 1 mile tempo (Jay 7:00, Linnea/Steve 7:30, Me, Gina Jenny, Karrin 7:45+). My HR was 165 runing up the hill to the track, and 170+ during the mile. We then ran 3 x 200M with a 200M recovery. that was hard, fast but fun. we all gradually slowed down (positive splits).

We jogged back to the pool and did a 300 warm up, followed by 100 IM, then we did 4 25Hard/25 easy. don't know how much faster everybody else was, but I did 25s, 22s and 21s for the hard 25 Y.

I'm feeling quite tired and sore now. Need to rest up for tomorrow.

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