Saturday, January 22, 2005

Foggy Saturday ride

I was VERY sore getting out of bed this morning! It took 45 min before I felt human again. Started at 7:30 and went east on the bike trail. I ran into Steve, Karrin and Jaqueline from the tri training group after 30 min and went with them toward the coast for another 30 min. Then I went alone up to Carlsbad and back. I kept it slow and easy

Ride stats: 3:01 total, HR 128 average, 48 miles, 16 mph

I changed quickly and then ran 20 min above tempo. I'm not sure what my pace/mile was, but it was hard/fast for me. After running fast for three days in a row, it was hard.

run: 21 min total, HR 168 average

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