Thursday, January 20, 2005

weight routine 2 and quick running (for me)

Here's the breakdown of the weights, done at 10:00 today

Cable crossover - 50 lb
lat pulldown- 90 lb
forward dumbell - 15 lb
lunges - w/25 lb barbells
crunches - n/a
back extension - holding 10 lb weight
push up - n/a
barbell curl - 25 lb ea
machine abductor (pressing in?) 60 lb
machine adductor (pressing out?) 70 lb
seated calf raises - 180 lb

After three sets, I moved onto the 20 min run at 7:30/mile pace. I used a treadmill. This is faster than I normally run (9-10 min is normal on long easy runs) and took some getting used to. My heart rate climbed to about 165 during the first 10 minutes, then 170 from 10-15 min, and finally 175 from 15-20 min. I was quite happy to finish at 20 min, but, I enjoyed running at the pace despite the fatigue.

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