Monday, February 21, 2005

Rainy Weekend

Saturday - did an indoor workout due to the storms:

2:30 on the spin trainer, HR 146
3 miles @ 7:30/mile (8 mph)

Was not hard to do, but very boring. I changed pace as much as possible on the spin trainer to keep it interesting. On the run, I set the pace at 8.0 by mistake (the pace was supposed to be 7:30/mile). It did not feel super fast after this week.


Swim - 3000 y during the Sunday 8:00 am masters group (they were doing 3800). It was hard to get going, but I felt fine during the workout. The instructor kept noticing the same thing as Carles did with my side/side motion and high stroke count. She also mentioned I was a terrible breast stroker. she noticed I took 20 strokes and she told me it should take more like 10/25 Y.

Laniea from the tri group was there so we ran together for part of the run. she's faster than me so the pace was quicker (7:45 maybe) then I'd normaly do for the first half. I slowed down after she turned around and went back.

Swim: 3000Y mixed strokes 1:11 min
run: 1:49 min HR 150 (1st half 50 min HR 158, 2nd half 59 min HR 141)

I don't feel all that sore from the week as I managed to sleep well all week.