Sunday, February 13, 2005

San Dieguito Half Marathon

2005 San Dieguito Half marathon
Thought the rain would clear, but alas, no. Ran into Jim Pool and a friend of his near the beginning of the race. I saw that he ran much faster than me the year before - such a great guy - and he was about 1 mile ahead of me at the 8 mile point. It was not all that cold today, but the heavy rain that we'd had the prior two days was starting to subside...but...still drizzling.

There were not that many people around the start of the race, which is at the bottom of San Dieguito Park. It was a stark contrast to the Carlsbad Half marathon a month ago. I felt ok in the morning, not too tired from yesterday's workout. The course if much hillier than other courses. Saw Carles and somebody he's training (Mary?) near the start, and the highlight of the day, just as I was finishing up the long uphill, I caught up to Jim Temples as he was finishing. He didn't recognize me at first but we had a good conversation after we cooled down a bit.

Here's the splist from race:

Mile Time HR
1 8:30 132
2 8:43 150
3 9:11 162
4 8:34 157
5 9:36 155
6 8:52 153
7 9:18 157
8 8:25 153
9 8:20 158
10 9:31 162
11 7:05 162
12 8:26 163
13 9:52 172

overall: 1:54:30, HR 157


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