Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Tuesday and Wednesday

Monday was a rest day. I was hard to walk around on Monday! my calves and knees in particular were sore. I took Ibuprofin most of the day (and tuesday)

Tuesday - 1500Y easy swim - this was in the email, prior to the week's full schedule, which showed a bike day on did only the swim. I did a 500 warm up followed by 3 x 300 pull, 100 kick, 100 cool down.

Wednsday - master swim in the morning - 3000 Y more or less. took 1:30 min for the whole set including warm up. I felt a little tired, but not too bad.

Wednesday afternoon - rode my bike for 1 hour looking for a place to run. Both the Jr. High and TPHS were crowded. The Jr. high track was quite muddy too. finally, I rode home, found a flat rode near home and measured off 1000 meters. It was slightly uphill in one direction (the odd numbers below, they are a bit slower as a result). Here's the breakdown:

1. 4:14 HR 161
2. 4:06 HR 165
3. 4:13 HR 169
4. 4:00 HR 170
5. 4:19 HR 170
6. 4:15 HR 171

both calves were quite sore by the last interval, and this was QUITE hard to toward the end, as my average HR reflects. My peak HR was 182 at the end of the interval #5.

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