Sunday, April 24, 2005

Wednesday - Sunday Workouts 20-24 April

Wednesday 20 April:

did a 3000Y swim in Henderson NV at the Green Valley health club. I did a 500Y warm up followed by 8 x 300 alternating swim/pull and a 100 Y cool down.

Thursday 21 April:

Ran an easy 1 hour run in Henderson NV.

Friday 22 April:

PAC tri group - 27 minute time trial around the club followed by a 2.5 mile run. I rode hard during the bike and kept a fast pace on the run. HR - 150 average for both.

Saturday 23 April:

5:45 min 90 mile ride (17 mph average, 145 HR average) followed by an easy 15 min run. I took it slow on the hills and felt strong at the end.

Sunday 24 April:

I skipped the La Jolla Half Marathon...but instead did 2000Y (500 warm up, 3 x 500 pull) at the PAC followed by a 1:20 min run at HR 141. Pretty easy .

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