Sunday, June 12, 2005

Life after Honu

Preliminary results

Well, that was fun. Here's a quick Honu rundown:

Saturday 4 June - did a swim out to the first buoy and back. Talked to the guy putting down the "shark net" and returned. about 45 min total swimming. Really beautiful in the water, could see to the bottom. In the afternoon Carles and I went for a 1 hour bike ride, it was HOT and Windy! scary

Race day:

felt ok in the morning, had taken thermolyte and lots of gatorade endurance drink to avoid heat cramps like last years wildflower. It was a bunch start and Carles and I went to the right side. I felt great during the swim, but did not really try hard to stay with any pack. I swam a little further than I needed to and kept veering out to sea. When I finished the swim, in 47 min, I was dissapointed, but understood I need to focus on going straight in a pack from now on.

The bike started well. Nobody passed me the first half! I kept passing people until "the incident": just as one of those gusting 30 mph side winds hit, I was trying to rip open an "accel gel" and I ended up ripping out my front tooth/crown. I then pulled over and looked in vain up and down the highway for it. Several people stopped, including the medic wagon, but I explained what I was doing and they kept going. According to my bike odometer I lost just over 15 minutes doing this. When I got on the bike again I was depressed and unfocused. I finished slowly. and went to...

the run: I was obsessing about the tooth while crawling up the first hill in the heat. After awhile I lost the will to push and just started walking/running between aid stations. oh well..maybe next time.

Here's the week in reverse:

Saturday 11 June: 1 hour run to SVA, HR=152..ran sort of hard

Friday 10 June: 45 min run through central park. Hr=150, hot!

Monday 6 june - Thursday 9 June: four days of travel, from Hawaii to

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