Thursday, June 16, 2005

Mon-Thursday june 13-16 2005

Monday 13 June - in Calgary. did a 1:30 min run next to the river through the middle of Calgary. Nice (70 degrees) day in Calgary too. Felt heavy and tired the first 20 minutes or so. Calgary is at 3000' elevation too.

Tuesday 14 June - Flew on the 5:30 am flight back to SD. Not too much sleep the night before. did a 1:30 min bike ride in the afternoon up around RSF and back through Santa Luz. Felt good and rode fairly hard, although my HR was averaging 140. It peaked around 170 on the hill.

Wednesday 15 June - Masters swim - started with a 500Y wamup, then did 3 x 300 pull paddles. then swim races descending with Steve (the 55 second 100Y man from south africa). We did (100, 75, 50, 25) x 3 for a total of 750 Y. With cool down was 2500 Y with intensity

Thursday 16 June - am: easy Santa Luz ride. 44 min at the cross, 1:00:07 total. HR averaged 133.

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