Sunday, June 26, 2005

San Diego International Triathlon

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I'm a patient man. I'm getting better, slowly; real slowly. for the most part I'm satisfied that I went about as hard as I could today. Strangely, my HR was never all that high. I don't know if that means I could have pushed harder or not, but I was farily tired at the finish. I did the swim at a reasonable pace. at 2:10/100 I was not unhappy. I felt fairly fresh coming out of the water too. The bike was OK - I felt heavy going up Canon road, but other than that felt ok. I did not push super hard, but tried to maintain a consistent effort. On the run I was just tired the whole time. My heart rate was not that high considering how tired I felt, which was strange.

Here's the summary

1000M Swim 21:44

T1 5:23

30 km bike 56:46 (HR 154)
(19.7 mph)

T2 3:24

10 km run
mile 1 9:23 HR 154
mile 2 8:45 HR 154
mile 3 9:30 HR 152
mile 4/5 9:27 HR 157
mile 6.2 10:20 HR 163

summary 2:24, HR 155

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