Monday, July 11, 2005

5 July - 11 July 2005

Tuesday 5 July:

2 hour bike hill repeats as specified in the workout. I was in Carlsbad by my office at Palomar road and El Camino Real. I rode north on El Camino Real to Tamarack, and road the hill to the east up to Calaveras hill park. I road up the hill 6 times at a temp pace and it took about 4 min each time. My HR was about 175 at the top of the hill (I think my max is 180). I felt good today on the bike, but the hills were very hard.

Wednesday 6 July:

1 hour run. I had no time to go the pool as I was in Carlsbad from very early. I did the run near work at a tempo pace (8:35/mile) with a couple big hills.

Thursday 7 July:

I had no time on this day to workout at all. Rest day

Friday 8 July:

swim workout – I did 2500Y, with mixed stroke. Felt good and very strong.

Saturday 9 July:

25 mile bike “time trial” in 1:23 (18 mph) including a few hills. The route was from my home near the club past fairbanks ranch and up into RSF, then the loop off of S6 and back through Santa Luz. I was very tired at the end, but my average HR was only 148. I then did the 5K in 25 min with a average HR of 155. I was REALLY tired after that.

Sunday 10 July:

I did Debbie’s “stroke clinic” for an hour with 500 extra yards. I think we maybe swam a total of 500Y during the clinic but it helped me with the breast and butterfly so I can improve at masters swimming.

I then did a 1 hour run down to the end of the I56 trail and back. I was also pretty tied after that.

Monday 11 July:

45 min tempo run around my office area. I foolishly tried to catch a runner way ahead of me, and then was obligated to stay in front of her all the way back to my office. My average HR was 160.

I feel ok tonight. Tomorrow is Marci’s class...and it’s...tempo running!

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