Friday, July 21, 2006

July 18-23 2006

Tuesday 18 July


I did a 3000Y swim in the morning before work. I did it as 500Y warmup, 500Y pull, then 100, 200, 300, 400, 400, 300, 200, 100. my left shoulder started to get sore around 1500Y and remained sore until I quit. This discomfort went away by the late afternoon.


PAC Tri - we paired up (I was with Steve McCourt) and did a 10 min warmup ride followed by a "big lap" that took us up to sage canyon elementary (carmel country) and back to the PAC. It was about 7 miles, but, Steve punctured and we had a big break. When we got back we ran 1 lap of the PAC. It was hot and I was dead tired. I barely could run up the hill and steve had to come back for me.

Wednesday 19 July

I did not have much time and did a run to the end of the dirt trail in 50 minutes at lunchtime. It was hot and I did not feel all tha great.

Thursday 20 July


rode up to La Costa ave along the coast. VERY easy. i averaged 17 mph and my average HR was 125.


PAC TRI - we did a 15 min warmup jog follwed by a tempo workout that really wasted me. I ran a little fast during the warmup (did I mention it was still hot/humid?). We ran to the el camino real. I hit the bridge at 7:50 and the end at 13:21 (avg HR 164). from the carmel creek bridge to the starting point took 9:20 (HR 163). I really felt dead and slow. I had no energy at all. I went out fast with Chris and Colin and felt dusted by the middle of the tempo run. I never recovered. I think nancy ran back faster than I did.

Friday 21 July

noon: did a 1 hour run on the trail..very slowly: 1:05 was my total time. I've done this run (back in October of last year I ran this in 52 min...13 min faster). I felt really hot/sweaty/tired...but my HR was only a 144 average. I did not push it.

Saturday 22 July

(I was at work in the morning and missed the time to do the swim workout)

pm: 3 hour bike through harmony grove. This felt fine. I was never really tired and did this at 17 mph average despite the fact that it was rather hot in the afternoon. My average HR was 140.

Sunday 23 July

9:00am – Marci’s workout, which was jogging up torrey pines grade, then jogging down the trail to the beach, then RUNNING back up the trail and jogging back to the north TP beach bathroom/shower area where we began..followed by a 30 min ocean swim.

This was unbelievably hard for me – the run part that is. I was about the slowest person running up the hill. I did not have a HR monitor on, but my heart was going real fast. My time on the run was 7:54 up the hill when we were running it (I think the fastest times were around 6:30 – Chris and Colin).

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