Sunday, July 16, 2006

July 10 - 16 2006 Report

Monday 10 July - off

Tuesday 11 July 4 hours

50 mile ride to Julian, around 4 hours including stops. This was REALLY hard. I left at noon and went up Poway road to 67. It was very hot, and I was exhausted.

Wednesday 12 July 1.5 hours

1.5 hour jog/hike. this was harder than I thought, most likely due to the altitude and heat. My average heart rate was 155.

Thusday 13 July 3.5 hours

50 mile ride back to Del mar - this was easier than the way up, just still really hot. I felt really tired when I started and was glad to be finished.

Friday 14 July 2 hours

am: 2400Y Swim After the warmup I did the 100s and 50s in turning on about 2:15 for the hundreds.

pm: 1 hour run - down the trail and back. Did this in 57 minutes and had a HR of 151 average

Saturday 15 July 3 hours

2000Y swim and 2 hour bike. I did this workout with my Hawaii IM friend (Matthew Reynolds). He ended up debating my form with Debbie. Anyway, I did the swim workout fine. the bike was REALLY fast. We averaged 19.7 mph through rancho santa fe and out to the coast on la costa avenue. I was really tired when we were finished.

Sunday 16 July 1.5 hours

I warmed up a bit prior to going to the PAC for class. then rode over and we did swim /run. After some drills we did some 100s and 50s and 25s. My 100s were n 1:45, the 50s in 45 seconds and the 25 in 21 seconds. then we ran about 30 minutes down the 56 trail and back.

My left shoulder is a bit sore, and I'm still a bit tired, but, I generally feel pretty good. I'll still take the rest day tomorrow.

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Mark said...

sounds like a hot week.