Sunday, July 09, 2006

Thursday - Sunday 6-9 July 2006

Hard group of days.

Thursday: am- 1:30 min bike, pm - fast swim, stair running

started with a bike ride around RSF sort of on the slow side. I did the longer 25 mile ride at 16.6 mph and enjoyed it. that was early in the day. The PAC TRI class marci had was hard as usual. We did a 200 warmup in the warm pool, and then did 200 turning in 4 min to 100 x 2 turning at 2 min. we did that twice and I was wiped. then we ran up to the blockbuster shopping mall and did stairs (5x double, then jumping with both feet, the 1 foot, then 3 x double again). I was SUPER tired jogging back to the PAC after that.

Friday: 1 hour run

REALLY hard to get up in the morning for this run. I ran the trail run at 1:02 and was tired/slow/heavy the whole time. Did I mention it's been really hot too?

Saturday - 3 hour ride

Was supposed to do a hard swim followed by an easy 2 hour ride. Instead I met with Steve and his friend Matt and did Harmony grove in about 3 hours (16.6 mph). That was a great pace and an overall good day. I was too tired later in the day to swim.

Sunday - Pac TRI

I was still sore in the morning from Thursday, I think. Well, I was sore. I did the 500Y in about 10:30, then transitioned to the bike. I felt tired/hevay today like the last tiem I did this hilly course that I HATE. I did the bike course about 6 min/lap and then the running course at 13 min lap.

NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT. I dont' know why my weight is pegged at 182 lbs. no matter how little I eat or how much I work out. My body is clinging to the fat.

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