Saturday, July 29, 2006

July 24-29, 2006

Summary: this week has been HOT. It's been one of the most hot/humid weeks I can recall in San Diego in my lifetime (30 years of which were here in SD). Also, this was a very busy week at work - just as next week will be. We had work meetings/dinners every evening until about midnight. Next week is the Board of Director's meeting and the week will also be quite busy. I'm also planning on Disneyland next week on Thursday with my older kids for a day, so I'll have time for a single morning workout on Thursday.

Monday July 24


Tuesday July 25

Schedule: weights, Tri-training

Actual: 1:24 min 25 mile bike through RSF. Very easy. I had to work extra in the afternoon/evening and was not free to go out, so, I did a bike instead of the two scheduled workouts. this felt easy

Wednesday July 26

Schedule - 3000Y swim, 55 mile bike

Actual - 3000Y swim with the masters. Mostly easy, but some strenuous sets.

Thursday July 27

6 mile am run - I did this at 7:30 and felt ok, but not that great. I ran this in about 55 minutes for the 6

6 mile pm run - I did the same run at 1:00 pm. it was HOT then, but I did the same run about 2 min faster than in the mornign

Friday July 28

am: masters - this was fun, and not too hard. My sholuder was still sore so I skipped paddles during my pull sets. I did my last set of 100s from 1:33 to 1:40....faster than normal

pm: did a 55 mile bike from Del Mar up to norther end of Oceanside and back. Felt really good.

Saturday July 29

I ran about 10 miles in 90 minutes. It was so humid I was drenched in sweat after about 15 minutes. I ran into some people from the PAC who had lived in Houston and they said it was MORE humid today then they remember...I was slow and tired most of this run..

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