Tuesday, August 01, 2006

1 august 2006

weight: 181...still nothing is chaging

am: 10 mile driking fountain 1:35 min run (HR 134) my HR was low most of this run. I felt tired when I woke up today and slow most of the run. it was a cool 70 degrees this morning, but still humid. That big ruth's chris dinner last night did not help. I could fell that large filet in my belly...

pm: PAC tri club - bike. We did a lap of the club, then up Carmel Country hill (warmup) then Steve and I were paired up to do passing drills up the hill again. Then we did a mini time trial at the top (1:57). Then we did one leg drills...then a "small chain ring" race - chris won it. then home. my average HR during the climbs was 160, and the peak was 173. Overall with rests was 127.

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