Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wed - july 5 - swim workout

I woke up late today (7:00) and had no time for an early workout....up too late after the 4th last night. I worked out at 5:00 pm today and was just swimming:

2500Y (1 hour)

400 free warmup, 200 catchup/200 pull & paddles

15 x 50 in 49-53 seconds each with 20" rest: this went ok. I felt tired towards the end, but not exhausted. I wanted to do consistent splits (not positive splits) so I tried to keep it even. i quit doing flip turns for the last 5.

12 x 50 (odds catch up, evens breast): I dont' do strokes too often so the breast went slow. I used a pull buoy for the catch up too.

200 pull/paddles and 200 free for cool down

I felt tired at the beginning of this workout, but slowed later.

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