Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July 4th 2006 - latest updates

Well I'm trying. this is the first post in a while and I'll see once again if I can get some MOMENTUM with this blog. the long upload time a while ago soured me to using this site. It may be my concentric account, but I'm not certain. I spoke with a guy at Yahoo! about moving my hosting there and I may end up doing that after all.

OK. on to the workout updates.

Overall - been a harder than expected this week. Since the week of June 1st, when I was at a lazy 3.5 hour/week point, I increased progress up to 11/hours week at this point. I need to move that up to 15 hours/week and up to 20 for at least a month to be ready for Ironman florida.

Reveiew for the last week:

July 4th (Tuesday) - 6.5 mile Trail run: 1:02:35 (144/163) - hot/tired.

ran at 4:00. It was 80 degrees and somewhat humid. I did not feel all that well for most of the run - felt very tired and heavy when starting.

July 3rd (Monday) - 1:21 25 mile RSF loop. Average 17.8 mph. Fastest time on this course ever. Felt good most of the time and not really pressing it.

July 2nd (Sunday) - off

July 1st (Saturday) - 1 hour swim followed by short sprints. Felt great for these.

June 30th (Friday) 3 hour bike ride up the coast. average speed 17.8 mph. Felt great and rode easy. Afternoon was a massage. i had no time for the run on this day.

June 29th (Thursday) am: 2000Y swim as prescribed. pm: PAC/TRI hill repeats. these really wore me out. This was a hard workout.

June 28th (Wednesday) 1 hour run on the trail. Felt slow and tired on this day...
Weights were easier to do than normal..I'll increase the weights next time.

June 27th (Tuesday) PAC Tri - swim repeats followed by hills on the bike. I felt slow and tired on both sets this day.

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