Monday, June 19, 2006

week ending 18 June 2006

This was basically a good week. I did as much as possible considering the work/disneyland trip:

Monday - off

Tuesday - did the A group weights, which left me a bit sore. In the afternon ran the 56 trail for 52 minutes (HR 141 average

Wedneday - swam 2700..was supposed to be 3100 but I was running late. I did 500 warm up, 800, 800, 500 and a 100 cool down. I felt very relaxed and this was easy, but a bit boring.

Thursday - biked 35 miles (2 hours) in the morning, and than ran 50 minutes on the same running trail course as Tuesday. it was on the hot side and my HR was up a 155-160 for most of the time

Friday - nothing

Saturday - nothing (I was at disneyland until the evening)

Sunday - am: PAC tri training. Did a 30 min warm up and then a couple of "tempo" runs. My average HR was 160 for the first and 180 for the shorter one. (800 aand 400 maybe?). I learned my maximum HR is AT LEAST 187 since it reached that level at the end of the second interval.

I'm in San Jose this afternoon and tomorrow morning.

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