Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sept 12 - Sept 24 2006

Tuesday 12 Sept 2006
Plan: 60 Miles bike + 20 Miles run
Actual: 50 mile del mar/harmony grove ride with Dan and Gina at about 17 mph average (22 on flats). I had time for a 12 mile run (not 20) prior to work. this was a relatively easy day. I tried to push harder during the run as it was shorter.

My boss has scheduled noon meetings daily for three weeks and it is impossible to start riding prior to 6:15, so, I have about 5 hours on tuesdays for outdoor workouts. I could do an indoor turbo-trainer for half the bike and then have time for the full run.

Wednesday 13 Sept 2006
Plan: 4000Y swim/weights/30 min run
Actual: 4000Y swim, massage

on Wednesdays I can either get a massage, or, do the afternoon workout. I don't have time to both. The swim I did as specified - all drills.

Thursday 14 Sept 2006
Plan: 2:30 biking accelerations, 15 mile running
Acutal: 2:30 ride through RSF with accelerations in the morning, 12 mile run in the afternoon. I ran after work and it was an easy day.

Friday 15 Sept 2006
Plan: 4000Y swim
Actual: 4000Y swim

Saturday 16 Sept 2006
Plan: 112 mile bike, 16K run
Actual: 112 bike with Marianne, but, i only had time for a 40 min run afterward which was very hard to do. I had not eaten well during our ride and this was a stretch.

Sunday 17 Sept 2006
Plan: tri-trainins, 2500Y swim
Actual: hill repeats up torrey pines, 6 mile run with Steve. This was tiring at first, but became easier during the workout

Tuesday 19 Sept 2006
Plan: 66 mile bike/21 mile run
Acutal: 60 mile bike and then 10 mile run. did 10 mile run as 41:15/43:45 (HR 135). Again, I did not have time to do the real distance planned. I can focus more on getting the run part done than the bike next week since I feel I'm cutting the run short too often.

Wednesday 20 Sept 2006
Plan: 5000Y swim, weights/30 min run
Actual: 4000Y swim, massage...I did not have time for the full 5000Y on Wednesday. I'm goign to start at 5;30 am in the future and see if that works better

Thursday 21 Sept 2006
Plan: 2:30 rolling hills, 12 mile run
Actual: 2:30 rolling hills (with Rick K) around RSF and torrey pines. very fast ride! In the afternoon I did a 8 mile run, again very fast. It was dark when I was running and I tripped a couple times. I dont' plan on running in the dark again.

Friday 22 Sept 2006
Plan: 5000Y swim
acutal: 4000Y swim - i started at 5:30 am and was swimming about 12/500 with breaks. I had to get out of the pool at 7:15 so I got in only 4500 Y.

Saturday 23 Sept 2006
Plan: 112 mile bike, 2 hour run
Actual: as always, for some reason these group rides are great - but make it impossible for me to run afterward. On this day I ended up riding 132 miles, breaking a chain, breaking my front derailure, waiting for multiple flats and crashes and getting home at 5 pm after leaving the house at 7 am. i could have done the whole workout in this time but we went way to far on the bike. I did no run.

Sunday 23 Sept 2006
Plan: 5000Y swim, 12 mile run
Acutal: 1:15 min tempo run (not all tempo) with marci and group from cardiff beach to park and back. maybe 8 miles? 9 miles? followed by 4000Y swim at the PAC.

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