Thursday, September 07, 2006

September 5th - Sept 10th 2006

Sept 5th, 2006

Schedule: 60 mile bike + 20 mile run
actual: 60 mile bike + 20 mile run

this was harder than I thought. I had to do some work in the morning and did not get going until 8:15. I had no time for breakfast, but instead had some gu in the morning. Well, 25 min (7 miles) into the ride (up to oceanside and back) my chain broke. I had to get a ride home, fix the chain and head out again.

the ride up the coast was fine and easy 2:54 for a total of 53 mile making the total around 60 miles for the ride. HR was 131 average. I ate 3-4 gu gels during this ride and two water bottles - one with gatorade and one with a protein/carb mix. I'd say the total calories consumed during the bike were: 3 x 100 + 2 x 200 = 700 calories. I'll bet I burned 1400 calories during the ride too.

I came home, changed and headed out to the run. I had more to drink and one more gu. I brought $4 with me for drinks (turned out to be not enough). After 4 miles I purchased a gatorade 10 oz drink. I drank half and left the bottle in the shade for the return. I ran past torrey pines beach and up through to del mar. I stopped at a shop near B&L and purchased a 16 oz ice tea which I drank completely. I then ran up the coast past cardiff beach and turned around. I felt really good at that time. I ran back from restaurant row until I got to pill box beach, ran up to the coast and stopped in another store from a 20 oz coke. I then ran back into Del Mar and back down the beach to torrey pines. It was really hot going south (the run was from 12:30 - 4:00..and it was hot). going back to carmel valley was hard. I stopped for the rest of my gatorade, and made it back to the trail fine. I was really tired on the trail and almost got sick. Need to to eat/drink more next time and bring more money.

My HR during the run was around 145.

Wednesday 6 Sept 2006

schedule: 3000Y swim, weights, 30 min run
actual: 3500Y swim

I did 3500Y with the masters group, but followed the schedule provided. I did not feel too bad during this swim.

Thursday 7 September 2006

schedule: 2.5 hour bike w/hills, 12 mile run
actual: 2 hour bike with 10 hills, stair running, 1000y swim

I rode over to the long hill up Santa Luz. I did it 10 times, riding in the 53 x 15 gear all the way up and down (I never changed gears for all 10 intervals). It's much different pulling with my arms standing than the "scooping" feeling of pulling up with the legs doing the upstroks. Anyway, this was a strange workout as it seemed to get a bit easier towards the middle. I was quite tired/sore when I started but felt really good by the end. Average HR for the whole 2 hours was 118. Peak HR was 152.

pm: we did the stairs 17 times up at the mall with Marci and the tri group. It was fun...not. Then we ran back and did 300 warmup, then 300, 200, 100. I felt REALLY tired during these and did them around 2 min/100.

Friday September 8th, 2006

I missed my morning swim, so I swam 2 miles continuous from La Jolla Cove to the Beach and Tennis club and back. It was choppy coming back...but fun day for an open ocean swim. it took about 1:20 for the 2 miles...maybe less. Got a sunburn...

Satuday September 9th, 2006

woke up feeling sick (head cold). My wife felt the same way; headache, fever though. I rode up to San Juan Capistrano which was exactly a 110 mile round trip. My average speed was 17 mph. It was pretty easy, just took a long time. I did feel quite sick when I got home so I went to sleep and did not do the run.

Sunday September 10th, 2006

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