Monday, September 04, 2006

August 29 - Sept 2 2006

this was mostly a good week. I was not able to do 100% of the workouts due to time constraints. I now (finally) understand that I cannot go to work on Tuesday all. I'm going to plan that into my work schedule going forward. As it is I had lots of important work to do last week so I was not able to do all the workouts - but I did do most of them.

Tuesday 29 August 2006

Schedule: 50 mile bike + 18 mile run
Actual: 10 mile run and Marci's PAC Tri Bike hill workout.

I realize this is far short of the schedule. as it was, I barely had time to do these two workouts. The run felt great in the morning and I felt very strong during the bike workout after work. It will be hard to fit in the PAC tri workouts with the schedule for the next 8 weeks...

Wednesday 30 August 2006

Schedule: 4000Y swim, weights and running int he afternoon
Actual: 4000Y swim , massage in the afternoon

I did the swim workout as 8 x 500 in the morning. I did the set as swim, pull/paddle, pull, swim, pull/paddle, pull, swim, etc. until I had done 4000. I'm doing these the same everytime now.

I had to choose between the weight workout and the massage this week and chose the massage. I was sore and that helped a lot!

Thursday 31 August 2006

Schedule: bike hill workout under 155 bpm, pm: 9 mile run
actual: bike hill workout and 10 mile run

I did the bike hill workout on the hill near santa luz. It was a cool morning which made it somewhat easy. I repeated the hill a couple times, changing from Right leg to Left leg only. It was a bit dangerous switching at times up the hill.

I did the 10 mile run much faster than I normally do (8 min/mile) and my HR was about 155 as an average. it was hot and humid during the run and I was pretty sore for the rest of the evening.

Friday 1 September 2006

Schedule: 4000Y Swim
Actual: 4000Y swim

I did this as 4 x 1000: swim, pull/paddle, pull, swim. It was boring...but not that hard. My left shoulder started to get sore near the end of the paddle set, but other than that I felt pretty good.

Saturday 2 September 2006

Schedule: 100 mile run, 10Km run
actual: 16 mile run.

I had to switch around the workouts this weekend due to some family and guests. Rather than do the swim/run on Sunday I did a longer run on Saturday so I could bike/run on Sunday. I found this long run harder than I thought it would be. it was hot by the time I was able to get out and run and I ran at about 9:15/mile. I did not have any aid stations and got need to prepare a bit better for long runs like this one.

Sunday 3 September 2006

Schedule: 4000Y swim/9 mile run
actual: 75 mile bike, 5 km run

This was the saturday workout from the week before. I did the first 50 miles with Andi and Rick (friends) and we did them slightly faster than I do alone. We averged about 18 mph for the first 50 and I dropped to 17 mph during the final 25. I was not really that tired during the bike.

The run after was harder than I thought. I did the 5 km in 26 min and was not pushing that hard, but felt sore and tired most of the run. I did a 400m warmup and got going on the track. I think I could have done another 5 km but I'll try that next weekend.

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