Friday, August 25, 2006

August 14 - 27

Last couple of weeks have been a training challenge to say the least. I went to japan with some friends, and also went up to Korea for a day to do some business, so training was nearly impossible the week of August 14-20. I did run for 1.5 hours around the imperial palace
Later in the week I did a two hour run around the japanese Ryokan (japanese style inn) we were staying at. I must say, it's an experience to have if you are western. Truly unique.

the first run was a set of 5 km loops around the palace. It is only slightly hilly. It was raining, but quite warm (80 degrees F) so not too bad. I did not feel very good during this run. I was still jet lagged from the long trip and time zone shift. My left achilies tendon really bothered me during the run. Not enough to stop, but a bit painful.

The second run was Friday morning near the ryokan. it was pretty easy, but I was sore during the last 1/2 hour. My left tendon still was hurting during the second part of the run.

so 3.5 hours total training that week. Since that was supposed to be the longest week yet, and it turned out to be an uber-light week, I put the schedule for the hard week starting Monday.....

Monday 21 August - off

Tuesday 22 August - 25 mile bike/10 mile run

25 mile rancho santa fe loop followed by a 10 mile run into sorrento valley to the drinking fountain. I felt real good during the bike. my average HR was only 123. I was actually stiff and felt tired when I first got on the bike. Apparently not riding for over a week will have the affect. Anyhow, I only had time for these events and not the 40 mile bike/15 mile run planned. the run was only a bit harder and my average HR was 140.

Wednesday 23 August - 4000 Y swim

I did the 4000 Yard swim as 8 x 500 alternating pull, swim, pull/paddle. It was easy but a bit boring.

Thursday 24 August

Schedule - 2 hour bike - 6 x(largest gear from 6 mph to 30 mph, 5 min rest), 9 mile run

This was also pretty easy. I did the repeats at 6:30 am around fairbanks ranch and rode up the santa luz hill on the way home. the last couple of repeats were hard, but not too bad. I only took me 1:30 min to do this workout...

run - the 9 mile run I did around 8:20/mile. It was easy, HR was 145 for the average which was flat

Friday August 25
schedule - 4000 swim

actual - 4000 swim - again - 8 x 500 freestyle mixing straight freestyle with pulling

Saturday August 26th
schedule - 70 mile bike followed by 3 x 1600 in 7:52 - 8:10

actual - 74 mile up to the middle of camp pendleton (easy ride) and back. I avergaed 18 mph with a HR of 135. I then drove up to the track and did 3 x 1600 in:
1. 7:47
2. 7:42
3. 7:37

My HR during these was around 150-160. My left tendon was a bit sore..but not slowing me down.

Sunday 27 August 2006
schedule - 4000Y swim, 9 mile run

actual - 3500Y swim (I got going late) was again, easy. I followed the swim directly with the 9 mile run which I did a bit slower than earlier in the week...about 8:45/mile.

mostly an easy week with 17 hours total

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