Thursday, August 10, 2006

August 8-13, 2006

August 8th

Schedule: 25 mile bike, 12 mile run

Actual: 25 Mile bike - did an easy ride through RSF - 1:25 HR 125...very easy. I ran as much as I had time for right after, which was only 4 miles. due to work I missed marci's class

August 9th

Schedule: 3500Y, IM weight routine, 30 min run

Acutal: masters class in the morning. I think we did 3300 total including: 500 warmup, 3 x 300 pull, 500 + 50 sprint, 400 + 50 sprint, 300 + 50 sprint, 200 + 50 sprint, 100 + 50 sprint. 5 x 100, then 100 cool down.

did the weights at lunch, followed by the 30 min run down to the trail. I felt heavy/hot/tired during the run

August 10th

Schedule: bike hill repeats, 7 mile run

actual: The hill repeats were up the steep part of TP grade. I did them 4 times, as requested (seated odds, standing evens). I used my big chain ring and the middle geat. I was going slower than an old lady in a walker, but I was able to do it with some effort. My upper body was the most tired at the end, strangely, after pulling up the whole 4th time.

pm - rather than a 7 mile run, Marci's class was a 1 hour spin followed by a 4 mile run (about 1:30 total). it was a good workout. I felt really good on the run...which surprised me as I was so dead during the spin class.

August 11th

schedule: 3000Y swim

actual: 3000Y swim - I did this by 500 warmup, 500 pull, 500 swim, 500 pull, then 400, 300, 200, 100 all free. I was tired at the end.

August 12th

Schedule: 60 mile bike, 6 x 800 m in 3:50

Actual: 58 mile elfin forrest (plus I road up the carlsbad to add 10 more miles). average speed of 17 mph HR 133. I got 3 punctures! what bad luck. I did the run intervals as:

1. 3:51
2. 3:50
3. 3:49
4. 3:47
5. 3:39
6. 3:35

with about a 1:30 rest in between jogging. Felt good. I could have done more and faster.

August 13

Schedule: 3500Y swim, 7 mile run

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