Sunday, August 06, 2006

Aug 3-6 2006

August 6th

55 mile ride through Elfin Forrest and some extra when I met up with my dad riding down the coast. Easiest ride of the past year. Average HR was 130, 16.5 mph until I met my dad. I did the 400m repeats in 1:53, 1:50, 1:52, and 1:49 with a LONG rest in between

August 5th

am: Ride and Tie - I was paired with Jim and we came in last. oh well. I think our 2 min transitions were WAY too long. the winning couple (Doug and his wife) did 30 second transitions. Average HR 160, 1 hour

pm: efx for 1 hour HR 130 (to sunburned to run more)

August 4th 3000Y masters swim, mostly drills - pretty easy as well

Augut 3rd - bike repeats (single leg 10x each leg), followed by 20" on 1:40 off sprints. I also did the Santa Luz hill in the biggest gear.

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