Thursday, October 05, 2006

October 3-8 2006

October 3rd (4 hours):

Schedule: 5000Y swim
actual: 40 mile bike up the coast - average speed 17.5 MPH (2:30/HR 123) followed by 10 mile run to fountain (43:56/137, 45:25/143). never felt all that good on this ride or run. felt slow and tired.

October 4th (1.5 hours)

Schedule: 2:30 bike/12 mile run
actual: 3500Y swim - again felt real slow in the pool. did 500 yard sets on this day. Met with you for a massage in the afternoon.

October 5th (1.5 hours)

schedule: weights/running
actual: bike 1.5 hours through RSF. did this pretty fast as I had my good bike back..

October 6th (2.5 hours)

Schedule: 5000Y swim
Actual: 4000Y swim, 6 mile run

I did an early swim with the 5:45 masters group, but, I did my sets of 500 yards - 8 of them total. This was very easy. I then ran 6 miles at 8:00/mile with Andi which was a bit of a push, but not terrible. It was the fastest she had run this course around DM heights road and if I had been alone I would not have gone that fast.

October 7th (8 hours)

Schedule: 4000Y swim, 112 mile bike
actual: 4000Y swim, 112 mile bike

I did the swim, again, as a 8 x 500 yards. Again, this was easy. I then road up to dana point. It took me 6:15 min at an average speed of just about 18 mph. I did stop for food/drink twice and did not include that time. I ate a balance bar, some fig newtons, but mostly gels and gatorade. I began to feel undernourished around mile 90 and stopped for a coke, power aid and a gel and then I felt fine. I did feel like I could have easily started running after this event, so maybe I'm getting more ready.

Sunday 8 October 2006 (3.5 hours)

Schedule: 12 mile run
actual: 3000Y swim, 12 mile run

I ended up doing the PAC sunday group with Marci. It was ChrisK, SteveC, Jason and myself. I really don't mind being the slowest swimmer (good thing for me i don't mind) as it makes me swim faster. I've not been doing intervals, so swimming 1:40 100s is a pushing it for me - especially after three days of swimming. I was tired when I woke up and after this swim...I was really tired.

later in the afternoon (3:00 pm) I went for the run...which I REALLY did not want to do. strange thing was, even though I thought I would not finish this workout, after i started running I felt great! I ran my 12 mile course around 8:40 with a HR of 130 and never really felt tired.

good week.

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