Sunday, October 22, 2006

October 9-22 2006

Tuesday 10/10

felt very good. Rode 40 mile with a friend *(fast) and than ran up to solana beach and back. The bike was very hard for me – I felt tired (but my friend, who rides with the SDBC A group, was going 25 mph the whole time) I did the run about 9:00/mile and felt mostly good. My average HR was 147 during the run. I ate gels most of the way and drank about 28 oz of gatorade. I think this was fine planning.

Wedensday 10/11

4000Y swim done as 8 x 500. Felt gret, but ran out of time.

Thursday 10/12

2:30 am bike (cold) up the coast and back averaged 18 mph. Felt very strong. In the afternoon I ran 10 miles (rather than 12) and did keep up a 8:40 pace for the average. I did feel very good after this workout.

Friday 10/13

I had to miss Friday due to work.

Saturday 10/14

110 mile bike up the coast and back averaged 17 mph. got tired near the end. I ran the 10K on the trail near my home (instead of the track...I really had limited time and did not want to take extra time driving). I did it really slowly and felt very hungry. I guess I still need to work on nutrition for the race.

Sunday 10/15

I did a 2500Y swim and then rode with Marci and Andi up mt. soledad and back. It was not that fun riding up the hill by felt mostly good during this bike.

Monday 10/16

rest day

Tuesday 10/17

Schedule: 40 mile bike/18 mile run
actual: 40 mile bike/18 mile run

rode 40 miles (cold) up the coast and back to Del Mar. Felt a bit stiff, but not to tired. Then I ran up to B&L and back (18 miles). That was not too hard. It was about the easiest 18 mile run I can remember. I drank quite a bit during the run, and purchased some gel shots at B&L that made it an easy return.

Wednesday 10/18

Schedule: 5000Y swim
Actual: 4000Y swim

did the masters swim with Debbie. I got there a bit earlier so I could put in an extra 1000y to make a total of 4000.

Thursday 10/19

Schedule: 3 hour bike/12 mile run
actual: 2.5 hour bike

I rode hard in the morning (cold!). Felt good and very fast. I was not able to break free from work to do any running.

Friday 10/20

Schedule: 5000 swim
actual: 3500 Y swim

I had to swim at lunchtime as I was busy in the morning. I swam as much as I had time too, and if felt fine.

Saturday 10/21

Schedule: 112 mile bike/10K run
Actual: 112 mile bike/10K run

I rode up the coast, planning on going to dana point through camp I'd forgotten my driver's license I headed inland down the oceanside bike trail....then on lilac until I hit 56 miles...which was around couser canyon..then I headed home. I averged 17.5 mph (6:15) with an average HR of 124 during this ride which included two stops for food/drink. I'm finding that I can eat yougurt balance bars and gels/gatorade and feel fine during the run.

I ran a fast 10K on the local trail. I had one more gu before the run, and some drinks, and did it in about 55 minutes (may be more than 10K...I've never measured it). this is a very fast time for this course that I've run about a thousand times, and I never felt bad during this run.

Sunday 10/22

Schedule - tri training/swim 5000
actual - swim 5000

marci is in all I did was the 5000Y swim. I did 10 x 500...very boring I know. I did the rotation of swim/pull&paddle/pull/swim/etc...

issues: my right sholder is a bit sore tonight after the swim today. Also, my left tendon is still a bit sore after the runs this week. I'm icing it and taking ibuprofen.


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