Monday, November 20, 2006

week ending 19 November 2006

Tuesday - off

Wednesday (1.5 h) - rode 25 miles with Andi in the wet fog at 6:15 am. Easy and fun

Thursday (1 h) - 5 pm run down the trail. A very easy 55 min run!

Friday (1 h) - 7:30 am swim with Matt. We did mostly 200 y sets I did in about 3:30. I pushed a bit as he was swimming in the same lane as I was.

Saturday (1.5 h) - 25 mile bike with Matt. very easy ride

Sunday (2 h)- 20 mile bike? with single leg riding up Torrey Pines and then just a quick climb up the hill. I felt very strong doing this. Then we donned our wetsuits and did a 1 mile or so ocean swim. Felt great, but I'm still a very slow swimmer.

Monday - off

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