Sunday, April 22, 2007

week ending 22 april 2007

OK - long time no entry. It's been a bad month with trips to NJ, Orlando, Las Vegas and being sick around 10 april. It seemed to start March 1, so it's been a bad 7 weeks of training. I've got 10 weeks until Germany. so no stopping now (including wildflower). briefly, I missed 4 days the first week of march, the next week was good, then it got bad from 19 march until april 14th. I did the CA ironman on 3/31, but that was a 6:11 bad trip!

OK - for the past week i did 12 hours. It was less than the schedule, but I felt good most of the time.

Monday - rest
Tuesday - 2 hour bike around RSF and Del mar
Wednesday - masters swim
thursday - 2 hour bike
Friday - nothing (worked 14 hours)
Saturday - 3:30 bike through Elfin forrest, Carlsbad, del mar, and then a 45 min run
Sunday - 2800Y swim with Marci and 1:20 min run at 9 min/mile.

My right knee is sore now, but my left and right calves feel fine. go figure.

Also, it was not possible to keep my pulse low: during the run my HR was an AVERAGE of 163. I was tired after the swim.

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