Saturday, November 24, 2007

19 November - 25 November 2007

Still in recovery mode, but feel much better than last week. Still a bit of soreness. I realized I did 16 hours of training this week -mostly all easy:

Monday 11/19 - EFX for 1 hour in the am prior to work. easy

Tuesday 11/20 - 1 hour spin with Bernie at 5:45 am. At 11:00 I met Erin for my first 1 hour swim lesson. We mostly went down the pool doing drills and catchup with some swimming

Wednesday 11/21 - 1 hour master swimming and 50 min run aftward.

Thursday 11/22 - (Thanksgiving) rode 4 hours with Fane, Marty, Andi, Jonathon and Michael up torrey pines, then back down, then out santa luz, then through RSF past the fires, then up to Palomar airport road and down the coast. mostly very easy. Average HR was 124.

Friday - 45 min swim and a FAST 1 hour run. pushed a bit too hard on the run

Saturday - felt sore in my legs after the run yesterday. Went to the PAC to do easy 2500Y with lots of drills. 1 hour swim total.

Sunday - 1 hour swim and 3 hour bike. did 15 x 100 at one point in the swim at 1:20 - 1:40 (1:20s were with pull/paddles). I was pushed by others in the pool to go faster..then we rode Elfin forest REALLY SLOWLY.