Monday, October 06, 2008

13 mile monday run

OK - i'm back with the living after ALL that travel since I've completed the IM Canada race. Still owe ME that report, and one of these days I'll file that one. Today I'm going a few a run through del mar to powerhouse park. 13 miles total

and...I did it, in 2 hours total (exactly 1 hour each way, which is a sizzling 10 min/mile) AND felt bad most of the way:

1. weighed in at 183 today - most in a year - i attribute this to the past two weeks of an eating festival

2. lots of aches and pains. legs, left tendon, even mildly in my knees.

3. heavy and slow - not just the weight, but not really doing anything on Saturday and Sunday has left me weak.

but I did the run