Wednesday, October 29, 2008

late October recap

OK - If I don't get back to the daily blog thing I'll never have a good record I can look back on to see what works and what hurts (hey - I just thought of that). This month has been a rapid increase in running -both total miles and intensity.

This past week includes:

Yesterday (Tuesday - 28 Oct) - 2 hours, 5 miles

12 x 200M intervals from 34 - 39 seconds. According to the Jack Daniels formula, that's much faster than my recommended speed (44 seconds). could be why I hurt my right hamstring. Oh well. the last one was the killer - I was trying to break 30 seconds and in the middle of the first turn my right leg said - "'s enough big guy...we're slowing down now"

Monday 27 Oct

I was tired after Sunday's workout, but we still managed to do a 16 mile trail run that i've yet to map out. Suffice to say it's like the 11 mile run, but with an extension to the east. We ran at noon and it was like 80 degrees and dry out. Water was a must and I sucked down 16 oz. during the run and still lost a few pounds of water weight. The run was not too hard, but we went slowly.

Sunday 26 Oct 2008 - 15 miles (2 hours)

This was the big run of the day. We started at the club (much to my chagrin as I assume we would be driving down to the polo fields and parking there) and ran the 3 miles to the start of the 15K. Kathy, Dennis (he skipped the race part), Carles and I ran the 15 km. Kathy and Carles went out WAY too fast - like a 6:30 pace - so I hung back. I came through the first 5K at 21:30 and felt fine (6:55/mile). The next 5K had some uphill in it - and downhill of course. I finally caught up to Kathy and Carles at the turnaround point and sped up a bit more, passing both of them. with about 1K more in the second 5K Kathy passed me back and sped up. Still, the second 5K was about 22:30. She got about 500M in front of me with a couple KM left, so I pushed a bit harder and caught up by the end. The last 5K was in about 20:30. All in all a good/hard run. We jogged back to the PAC and called it a day.

Saturday 25 October - 8.2 miles

Did the 8.2 mile trail run with Kathy, Dennis and Carles. It was warm and we ran mostly easy. took about 1:10 total.

Friday 24 October - 10 miles

Ran the Drinking Fountain (sorrento valley) run at about an 8 min pace

Thursday 23 October - 5 miles

I went to Disneyland in the afternoon, so I had to do the intervals at 6:30 am as the sun came up. I did them slower than normal 4x200 ranging from 39 seconds to 42 seconds, 4 x 400 in about 82-88 seconds each, then 4 x 200 in about 38 seconds each.

Wednesday 22 October - 1 hours spin

did Kelly Webster's class. It was different and fun - continuous spinning.

Tuesday 21 October - 10 mile trail run

Monday 20 October - 14 mile run