Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Swim and run

Schedule - 3000 yard Masters swim, 9 mile run
Actual - 2600 yard master swim, 8 mile run

swim: JulieB and I shared the lane...300Y warm up. 3 x (100 base, 100 base -5, 100 kick). we did base on 1:45...then..3x100, 200 fast (3:30), 3 x 100, 150 fast (2:20), 3 x 100, 100 fast...150 cool down. I felt really strong during the swim and hated quitting early, but Bernie had a client at 9 (at her house) so we jumped out and went for the run....

run: right after the swim. It was cool (49 degrees) during the run. We ran to Torrey Pines State Beach and back, like 8:45 miles. I was DEAD tired during this run. funny, the past few days I felt like superman, but NOT today!