Thursday, March 05, 2009

Spin and Swim lesson

schedule: 2 hour spin, 5 mile run

hard to get up today. I had trouble falling asleep, and then the rain at 2 am woke me up.

For some reason the locker I normally use at the PAC is taken every day. I mean - it's the one above my paid locker, and i'm there at 5:33 am!!! wtf! when does that guy come? 5:29 am? first guy in the door and RUNS down to snag it?He must really love that locker. This is war...


am: 1.5 hour spin in Bernie's class. I did not push...

then I had a 45 min lesson with Erin. This is what she had me focus on -

- catch up - did that trying to keep stroke count at 17/25 yards. used a buoy at first, then kicked. did this in sets of 50 while we worked on strok
- 1 arm drill - this really made me feel the stroke and was helpful
- alternate kicking with a single arm extended to work on balance - did this for a couple hundred yards too. this was hard at first, but then I got it.
- "question mark" stroke - she focuses on getting the arm/paddle ready to pull through hard by forming a large question mark with my hands on each stroke.

by the end I was swimming 45 second 50s with the new stroke...but it was HARD for me. I'm also focusing on breathing every third stroke all the time now.