Sunday, March 08, 2009

Last three days of BIG week


Schedule: masters 3000, 12 mile run
Actual: masters 3000, 9 mile run

I did masters swim, about 3000 yards. warmup for me wsa 300Y free, followed by 4x100 fast. then the real workout was 3 x[ 3 x 150 (base, base-5, base-10), then 200 IM, then 100 ez] but changing the 150s to 100 and then 50s. Last past was 2 x 200 pull. this was a hard workout, and by the last couple IMs I was only doing stroke down and free back.

9 mile run - I did this about 8:30/mile as I was late for lunch. I ran to pump station 65 (flat).

mostly an easy day....


Plan: 112 mile bike, followed by 4 x 1600 in 7:10
actual: 100 mile bike, followed by 4 x 1600 in 6:45 average

I was going to go to Doheney state beach, but after breaking a spoke and my front wheel goign WAY out of true, going the bike shop (and getting chamois cream...ouch) and getting a ticket for running a stop sign in san juan capistrano, I went back. I averaged 17 mph and took easy.

the run was at TPHS and remarkably easy. I could have easily run 6:00 min miles, but kept it slow:

400 warm up...

#1: 6:47 158/152 (HR Max, HR average)
#2: 6:53 162/159
#3: 6:49 165/158
#4: 6:42 168/162

did a 400 in 2:45 or so (11 min mile) slow jog between all the 1600s


plan: 18 mile run
actual: 18.5 mile run - very easy. 9 min miles, HR average 122

Felt great when I woke up (after the time change). Ran to Cardiff (beach on south end) and back. took a purfit bar prior to the run, and 4 gels during the run with my "gel hat". Worked well, and I never felt too tired.