Tuesday, April 07, 2009

1 week unhealth break

I needed a week of to be unhealthy. The good health thing was killing my soul. Well, I did what I needed to do in Las Vegas and now am back with the healthy/boring again. This capped a month of deteriorating health on weekends. Finally, the last 8 days from the baseball draft on the 26th until Friday April 3rd I did NOTHING...well, I did plenty, but none of it involved exercise.

Saturday March 4th I rode for about an hour.

Sunday March 5th I ran HARD -way too hard. I did the 17.2 mile fletcher cove run in 2:01. That's about 7:10/mile. Which is not an easy run. this includes bonking on the way home. ugh.

Monday - Was SUPER tired and could hardly walk. I did a 1 hour swim at the PAC

Tuesday April 7th - I did a fast 1 hour bike in the morning....